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April Book Haul

April Book Haul

April 18, 2019

So I’ve never done a book haul, I usually just buy my books willy nilly, so I thought that I would try one! I think I’ll probably be doing another one of these in the near future due to the fact that I’m writing this while I’m on vacation in the Pacific Northwest. I’m hoping that I’ll get to visit many bookstores/ book related places while I’m here. Fingers crossed, wish me luck. I thought I’d mention where I heard about the book (if I did so before I went to the book store), why I bought it or what drew me to it and any hopes I have for it. If you have any other things I could add to my book haul posts let me know! Otherwise, let’s begin.

Supermarket – Bobby Hall

So I will admit that this book was a case of “judging a book by its cover.” I love simple covers that make me want to know more about it because the cover isn’t giving me any hints. It’s keeping secrets! So then I read the back or inside cover and learn more. 

            This one used the phrase “mind-bending first novel” which peaked my interest. I love horror/mystery but thriller/suspense is right up there with them. Anything that keeps me on my toes or my mind racing trying to figure out the ending before I can even get halfway through. 

            Besides that I decided to buy this book because I hadn’t purchased one like this in while. Recently I’ve been purchasing more nonfiction or self-help or business books. Most of the books I read in my monthly lists are usually books I already own or borrow from my library. I love the library.  I hope that this book is one that I have a hard time guessing what comes next, one that makes me pray for a sequel or another book from this author. 

Amazon | Goodreads

The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn

I have seen this book everywhere! It’s been suggested on my Goodreads, I’ve seen people talk about it on twitter, seen it advertised on the big screens at Target and on the front shelves at Barnes & Nobel. Seriously I think this book is stalking me. So of course, I hadn’t bought it and hadn’t bought it and hadn’t bought it and finally I bought it. 

            Reading the back cover it already reminds me of The Girl on the Train a little bit. My mom was actually the one to tell me about that book and I really did enjoy it, therefore I thought I would enjoy this one as well. Oh, did I mention I’ve seen it on the front page of my library audiobook section as well. So now I own it and am wait listed to listen to it when I’m driving and such. I’m a nerd.

            I think it reminds me of an amateur sleuth kind of whodunit. I love when someone who is not the police or a private eye figures out the motive to a crime before officials can. It reminds me of true crime writers or armchair detectives. If I had more patience, I’d probably become one of those two. 

Amazon | Goodreads

We Set the Dark On Fire – Tehlor Kay Mejia

The first time I saw this book was on twitter. NPR had written a little blurb or article on this particular piece that caught my eye. Honestly it reminded me of something that I had tried writing but set in more of a modern day setting. I say tried because I had got a few chapters in and my computer crashed sending me into a very long bout of writers block. 

            After I saw the article, I realized that this book wasn’t out yet but did have a publishing date. I then followed the writer on twitter so that I could anxiously await its arrival. She posted a picture after she had received one of her first copies with its stunning cover art. I knew then and there that I would have to own a hard copy of it.

            I’ve actually already started ready this one but keep getting sucked into other books at the moment. I know that I’m going to enjoy this one and really do hope to write a review on it. I’m still feeling really uneasy doing reviews, mostly cause I know how hard criticism can be when it comes to writing. Publishing a book is like giving birth. No one wants to be the one with the ugly baby. 

Amazon | Goodreads

Girl Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis

I started following Rachel Hollis on all things social media after I listened to her segment on the Goal Digger podcast. I’ve always really loved self-help, or what I like to call them self-motivation, books and especially ones written by women. Hollis seems to be incredibly personable and really have enjoyed watching her family through Instagram.

            I read all of her The Girls series as well as Girl, Wash Your Face. This just seemed like a natural progression in my Rachel Hollis fan girling. I also purchased her Start Today journal, but honestly I haven’t “started today” any day recently. I mostly just liked the cover artwork but I’m sure I’ll use it soon. 

            I think that I’m drawn to her books + her in general because of how positive she is. She’s created an amazing empire and has stayed positive the entire time. She does post videos where she’s blanently honest or frustrated about something which is also refreshing to see. But I’m not an incredibly positive person most of the time. I’m trying more so to be but my mind doesn’t go in that direction naturally. I’m a work in progress. 

Amazon | Goodreads

Never Tell – Lisa Gardner

OKAY. I feel like I shouldn’t even have to include any why, how, when’s to this book so that’s why I’ve saved it for last. Lisa Gardner is one of my favorite authors to the point that I save in my calendar when she has a new book coming out. Ironically I did that with this book but completely by passed it until my mom asked me about it. I got her into Lisa Gardner so when I realized that she had read it before I did, I wasn’t a happy camper with myself.

            I found Lisa Gardner after I had finished reading everything that Karin Slaughter had written. I wanted more and I wanted more from a women’s perspective. I’ve found that they write strong women very well and I crave that. So Lisa Gardner’s name came up in my first google search and I was off and running. More crime/mystery with just enough suspense to keep me enraptured. 

            So this was a new installment in the D.D. Warren series that also includes another repeat character, Flora Dane. Both are incredibly strong women with intense back-stories. I highly recommend diving into this series and everything else that Lisa Gardner has written, I will defiantly be writing a review on this one.

Amazon | Goodreads

I really enjoyed writing this post! I’m sure you’ll hear my thoughts on these books either through my monthly posts or individual book reviews. I can’t wait to do more of them! If you’ve done a book haul before, leave your links down below. Honestly I love self promotion so the more the better. 


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