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Book Review – Furiously Happy

August 7, 2019
Furiously Happy Book Cover
Furiously Happy Non-Fiction

So this book was in a haul that I did a earlier this year (before I started writing about them) and I’m just now dusting it off the shelves. Honestly when I purchased this book I didn’t know anything about it. Didn’t know anything about the author and I didn’t even read the back cover. All very odd things to do when purchasing books or perusing the book shelves at the store. No, this book sucked me in with it’s glittery, vibrant and very odd cover art. I’m a sucker for a good cover.

Goodreads Synopsis – Furiously Happy

In Furiously Happy, a humor memoir tinged with just enough tragedy and pathos to make it worthwhile, Jenny Lawson examines her own experience with severe depression and a host of other conditions, and explains how it has led her to live life to the fullest:

“I’ve often thought that people with severe depression have developed such a well for experiencing extreme emotion that they might be able to experience extreme joy in a way that ‘normal people’ also might never understand. And that’s what Furiously Happy is all about.”

What I Loved –

Lawson’s sense of humor, witty and bright, feels like a deep reflection of my own. The part of me that tries to play cool but then asks way too many questions and adds in a musical bit for good measure. I felt like a kindred spirit from the first couple of pages.  Without being too comparison happy but still providing backstory I led a very torrid time in my early twenties dealing with depression and mental illness. I still have times when my depression can be worse than others but I think that’s very natural. 
So cutting to the chase, I felt like I was very alone in that struggle, that my story was uber unique and frustrating and sometimes very lonely. Even thought Lawson’s story isn’t the same as my own, it has similar undertones. I think that it’s so important in our entertainment and education that we see stories that reflect ones in our own life. From Billy down the street to our own grandmother’s. 

What I Didn’t Love as Much – 

It’s harder to have a “didn’t love” section of a non fiction book or a book that someone wrote about their own life. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try – I just think it isn’t an easy task. I think maybe part of this is my fault but I didn’t read Lawson’s first book yet. I will for sure now but I didn’t know anything about her back story or where her love of taxidermy came from (at first) and other little things about her. I’m sure these are things that she covered in her first book, but as someone that just happened upon the second book – maybe adding a tad bit more backstory without sounding repetitive from the first.
My other qualm was that I wanted it to be longer! I know that’s not really a complaint but it felt like I was really getting into a groove and understanding her writing, it was almost over. I think that’s just me being greedy wanting more of a good thing. But seriously I think that this will be one of those books that I start suggesting to people. 

Why I Would Recommend this Book

Well fancy that! That’s the next topic. So why am I going to start recommending this book to others? I think that this book is a please burst of positivity when maybe you feel that shouldn’t be any. I think one might say that you could look at Lawson’s life with it’s ups and downs and frustrations with her illnesses and see how someone could be bogged down with negativity. This book is titled Furiously Happy – one has to have a positive outlook to be furiously happy.  I think that everyone (myself included) needs more positivity in their lives. I always find myself recommending the empowerment books or the crime novels I read – but not always the funny, comedic reprieve from the world type of books. I need to make that change.

Where to Buy
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About the Author

Known for her sardonic wit and her hysterically skewed outlook on life, Jenny Lawson has made millions of people question their own sanity, as they found themselves admitting that they, too, often wondered why Jesus wasn’t classified as a zombie, or laughed to the point of bladder failure when she accidentally forgot that she mailed herself a cobra. Her blog ( is award-winning and extremely popular. (Source)

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