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Book Review – The Last Widow

September 12, 2019
The Last Widow Book Cover
The Last Widow Will Trent #9

| This book review may contain spoilers |

GoodReads Synopsis – The Last Widow – 

A mysterious kidnapping

New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter brings back Will Trent and Sara Linton in this superb and timely thriller full of devious twists, disturbing secrets, and shocking surprises you won’t see coming

On a hot summer night, a scientist from the Centers for Disease Control is grabbed by unknown assailants in a shopping center parking lot. Vanished into thin air, the authorities are desperate to save the doctor. 

A devastating explosion

One month later, the serenity of a sunny Sunday afternoon is shattered by the boom of a ground-shaking blast—followed by another seconds later. One of Atlanta’s busiest and most important neighborhood’s has been bombed—the location of Emory University, two major hospitals, the FBI headquarters, and the CDC.

A diabolical enemy

Medical examiner Sara Linton and her partner Will Trent, an investigator with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, rush to the scene—and into the heart of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy thousands of innocent lives. When the assailants abduct Sara, Will goes undercover to save her and prevent a massacre—putting his own life on the line for the woman and the country he loves. (Source)

What I Loved – 

I should start at the beginning when it comes to Karin Slaughter, not just this book. So I’ve mentioned some of my favorite, female thriller/crime authors in the past but I think I’ve only briefly mentioned Karin Slaughter. One of the first books I read of her’s was from the Will Trent series ( I didn’t realize it was a series and didn’t start right at the beginning, whoops) and I fell in love.

What did I fall in love with? Besides the storyline and character development, I had never read an author that had paid such an attention to detail. Besides the important things in a story, the time and dedication to research is apparent in every single story I’ve read by her. It’s something that I aspire to when I work on my novel. 

So this novel in particular was an interesting addition to the series. It was still very clear that she had done her research and made her storyline as factual as possible. I think that there were a few things that missed the mark for me with this book but I still love the series. The characters really saved it for me cause I had known Will and Sarah in other books and knew how they would respond in the situations that she put them in. It is probably safe to say that this wasn’t one of my favorites, but still a very good book.

What I Didn’t Love as Much – 

So I think that it was too short! I know that writing is tough as hell and that cranking out an entire novel is no easy task. I just wish that there would have been longer scenes or interactions with the protagonist. I feel like he had hid easy and I didn’t get a fully developed character with him. I also understand Michelle’s storyline, especially how she plays into our current day thoughts and fears but wish someone would have fought for her honor a little more. I guess you could say that Sarah did. Sara did good by Michelle. 

But when I say I wish some of the storylines were longer I mean I wish we had more backstory on the nationalists. Maybe even more flashbacks to show how terrible these people could actually be, to prepare the audience for how crazy of a plan they could make. I think I just wanted to see it fleshed out a little more.

Why I Would Recommend this Book – 

I would honestly recommend anything by Karin Slaughter. I think she’s a phenomenal writer, one who’s characters you really connect to. I also love series that reference back to books you’ve already read. I think one of the first books that I read by Slaughter, Sara was doing an autopsy and I couldn’t believe the detail, the picture she was able to paint but without making me queasy. I think that that’s a rare trait, especially when you tend to dabble in the gorey. 

This book in particular – I love how it progresses Sara and Will’s story. I think that some books have to have a purpose and this one was showing how strong both of these characters are under pressure. This is such an important representation to have in our entertainment – at least in my opinion. 

About the Author – 

Karin Slaughter is one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed storytellers. Published in 120 countries with more than 35 million copies sold across the globe, her nineteen novels include the Grant County and Will Trent books, as well as the Edgar-nominated COP TOWN and the instant NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novels PRETTY GIRLS, THE GOOD DAUGHTER, and PIECES OF HER. Her most recent book, THE LAST WIDOW, features Sara Linton and Will Trent. Slaughter is the founder of the Save the Libraries project—a nonprofit organization established to support libraries and library programming. A native of Georgia, Karin Slaughter lives in Atlanta. Her standalone novels PIECES OF HER, THE GOOD DAUGHTER, and COP TOWN are in development for film and television. (Source)


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