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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel – A Feminist Reaction

March 26, 2019

Captain Marvel – A Feminist Reaction

So one would say that this isn’t something that I would typically write about, but honestly I haven’t been able to think of anything else since I saw the movie. Twice. Why am I so enamored with Captain Marvel? Well for one, I love action movies. And for two, I see myself in her more than any character I have ever seen.  So let’s dive on in and try something new. WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.


Marvel movies have become something of an escape for me. I can sometimes be intimidated by world building so it seems like a good study. Also the continuous character development is fascinating. I think it can also be hindered by the amount of characters that they have in, but when they go down a specific characters lifeline, you can see the growth or change. I also really enjoy action movies. It distracts me momentarily from anxiety that I sometimes have.

Besides them being an escape or research, I find them very inspiring. Truthfully that could also be said for the movie going experience. When I’m sitting in a theater and watching previews or trailers I get the itch to write. To morph out a story, not based off of what I just saw, but playing like a trailer in my own head. I can’t do this with everything I write such as blog posts but when a short story plays out in my head it’s an amazing feeling.

Captain Marvel

So why haven’t I mentioned this before seeing Captain Marvel? Am I just jumping on that bandwagon like everyone else? Nah. There are several different things about this movie as a whole that really spoke to me; the time period, the music, the clothing. I’m 100% a 90’s girl and used to have to wake up at 4am to process shipment at work. Guess what would get me in the groove? Some of that 90’s grunge yes please.

Those aren’t the only thing’s that drew me in. The message. Every story/ movie/ tv show has a message. Sometimes it’s not clear or it takes watching it several times to decipher it. This one had several messages that spoke to me.

"Grunge is a good look for you." Nick Fury


I’m sure every single woman I know could find something in the Captain Marvel movie that they could relate to. Whether it’s from the way Carol is spoken to, the way she is treated or the way we still see female super heroes. I saw myself in Carol. I still tear up thinking about the movie and I’ll probably see it again this week. How awe-inspiring to see yourself in a powerful character.


In the movie she is constantly told to control her emotions, not let them get the best of her and to think rationally while fighting. I think that that alone is a tall order for anyone. But as a woman who has emotions, this isn’t just something that a superhero hears. I was misdiagnosed as bipolar when I was 19. This caused me to avoid expressing or embracing my emotions for sometime. I would be upset or sad about something and I would think to myself “oh you’re just being bipolar.” Clearly the misdiagnosis sucked, but stifling your own emotions because a doctor tells you to or the media does is unfair.  If I could take those seven years back I would but it also made me who I am today.

I think it’s important to point out that people are told not to express their emotions everyday, not just due to a misdiagnosis. From an amazing tennis pro expressing disappointment to a women being told they can’t lead because they are mentally unstable. This is not usually the case, they are just expressing emotion.

At the end Yon-Rogg asks Carol to prove herself, that she can fight him without her power, that she can do it with her head and not her heart. And she blasts him with a big fuck you. I felt that. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself.

"I have nothing to prove to you." Carol Danvers

Bounce Back

I think that we’ve all seen the video of Vers/Carol falling and getting back up in a multitude of settings. That is a very powerful video, one that I think most kids should see let alone adults. It’s a great reminder that everyone falls. It just separates who gets back up and who doesn’t. Always get back up.

"I'm not going to fight your war, I'm going to end it." Carol Danvers


This is such a little thing so I left it for last, but the scene where the biker pulls up and tells Carol to smile. WOO BABY. I literally clenched my fist. Telling anyone to smile, let alone a woman who hears it more often than men (this is my assumption, I know) is rage inducing. Don’t do this. Don’t tell anyone to smile. Let them smile if they want to. If they don’t, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

I hope that this post didn’t sound too ranty, it was more a reflection on what I felt after I saw the movie and my passion for these films. Sure if I would have wrote/directed the movie I’m sure there would have been things that I would have changed. But overall I think that this movie is moving into my top 10 favorites. What did you enjoy about the movie? Let me know down below!

Captain Marvel


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