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Why You Don’t Have to Do it All

September 18, 2018

Why You Don’t Have to do it All.

Contrary to the title of this post, I am currently trying TO DO IT ALL. I’m in the process of burning out, I can feel it. I’m really trying not to, especially since Chris and I are taking another trip soon. I love our road trips but they aren’t exactly relaxing the entire time, but I still want to be able to enjoy it and not feel burnt out after that either. So why am I burning out? Let me tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing since September started.


  • Took on a second store at work to help out.
  • Started hiring for that store + others around
  • Finished writing a children’s book
  • Been more consistent with my blog
  • Worked on photography/learning how to use the camera better
  • Found out we were doing a popup shop in my town + started hiring for that
  • Kept my cats alive and myself breathing
  • Edited children’s book
  • Completed two inventories (exhausting)
  • Wrote a story for a competition entry
  • (maybe) Found a children’s book illustrator
  • Increased my social media presence for my blog
  • Read 5 books
  • Trained + continually training people at work

This is only a few things I can come up with off the top of my head, but let me tell you, the amount of energy some of those things take is crazy enough on it’s own. I know that sometimes I say yes to things that I know I can do or know I can learn from, even when my plate is already overfilling.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not me complaining. I would rather be a busy body that knows how and what to do so don’t assume this is woe is me. I’m just writing this blog post at 2 in the morning because I can’t turn my brain off. I need to take a step back so that burn out won’t happen.


I don’t think that this is going to be a “forever” thing, but I do thing that we have seasons of busyness. Sometimes opportunities come at us faster in groups instead of one by one. I think that there are steps that I can take in order to prevent burn out, and to even rely on my coworkers and associates a little bit more. I also think that saying “No” needs to be in my vocabulary a little bit more.

Focus on Myself

So I absolutely love my job, but I think that I need to start focusing more energy on myself and on my personal projects. Even though those personal projects consist of putting in more work, I think that they also nourish my soul in a different way. I enjoy it because it’s a passion of mine, like writing or reading or writing about reading. That’s another reason that I feel like crap when I spend my entire day off in bed. I don’t have weekends off so I get the random weekday off and if I don’t utilize it in a productive way I tend to beat myself up about it. I don’t think that’s healthy easy so instead I’ve given myself permission to use one day for personal projects and one day for relaxing. So far this has gone really well.

Quote "I put my heart and soul into my work and have lost my mind in the process." Vincent can Gogh


I mentioned how I think I need to utilize the word “No” more in my life. Things I wish I would say no to more: additional workload, going out with people I barely know in an attempt to make friends, going out to dinner/shopping when the writing bug hits me, eating unhealthy cause its cheaper, etc. I think that sometimes I feel guilty when I say No, as if me turning something down is going to ruin that other persons entire day. I also think that it’s incredibly important to no hide yourself away when people want you to be social.

But I have had a hell of a time writing. I think that writing is probably one of the hardest things to do. First of all I overthink character development to the extreme. I’ve overcome a lot of that but it seriously hindered me for a couple years of my life. I find that writing blog posts on my computer is super easy and pretty fast, but when it comes to writing out a story line, I need to have all the facts and character development and notecards laid out in front of me, physical pieces of paper for me to touch and edit. I’m really glad I realized this about myself otherwise I may have never written another story.


So that’s all to say that when I say No, it’s because I have given thought to what you’ve asked me and decided that it can’t fit on my plate anymore. I’m not trying to be harsh or hurtful but as I’m aging I need to start looking out for me. Am I alone in this or do you guys struggle with saying no? How have you managed to find a balance, or not lay blame on yourself afterwards? Asking for a friend.

Didn’t have a lot of photos for this one so here’s some picture of the cats.

Cat on a cushion

Gemini being sassy.

Cat on a couch

Fluffy Luna


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