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February Reading List

February Reading List

February 28, 2019

February Books

This month I did this post a little differently. I wrote each section right after I read the book, which should have been a no brainer before. This ensured that my opinions were fresh for each entry. I didn’t do that last month so when it came time to write the post, I racked my brain for each book to remember things I liked. Not that they weren’t good books, but I just have a pretty terrible memory.

That being said, I only finished nine books this month. I was pretty bummed about it but in my defense, it was a short month! I’m also probably being too hard on myself. I have some new books that I’m going to read for March, finishing some series, starting some new, and picking up some brand new books as well.

Headed for Trouble – Suzanne Brockmann –

I mistakenly thought this was the 17thbook in the series but it was actually 16.5. that mean’s it’s a collection of short stories but include the same characters that are in the main series. I don’t typically read this, but I might start because I did enjoy this one. I thought even the little “interview with my characters” stories, while a little cheesey, were fun! I think that after 17 books with the same series, you feel like you know the characters very well, but these just helped to show their personalities more so.

Wicked Appetite – Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton–

As you can see in my January Books post, I have been on a Janet Evanovich kick. This is the second series I have started by her. This was a really cute book! I thought for the first in a series it did a really good job of introducing the characters and sharing some back history on them. I think that she could have got to the guts of the story a little faster than she actually did, so a little opportunity with pacing. Otherwise I will definitely be reading the next book in this series.

"Your life isn't out of control. It's expanded."

The Heist – Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg –

A new series! I know c’mon Cassie; you have three or four other series started. Do you really need to START another one? Well yes, I did, mostly because I wanted to. Honestly before I started these two series, I thought that the Stephanie Plum series was all that Evanovich wrote. Clearly I was wrong, and I’m actually really excited/happy that I was. I know I’ll never run out of books to read, but it’s nice to know that I won’t from an author I enjoy, at least not for a long time. So the book itself was good. A little more my speed compared to the Stephanie Plum books. Very introductory, to the characters, their backstory and where the series is heading. If you enjoy a fun story with a little thrill to it, I recommend this one.

A Simple Plan – Darcey Bell –

I’ve found that usually if I watch a movie first before I read the book, I’m not as let down as normal. That’s what I did when we saw Ready Player One, and that’s what I did with this book as well. Honestly, they were pretty similar, but the things they changed ended up making more sense for film than the book would have portrayed. But then I do have an issue with picturing the actor/actresses instead of making up my own vision of them.  This book also reminded me a lot of “Gone Girl,” at least with that similar thriller meets strong leading woman character.

"You'd be amazed by what people will do. Things they'll never admit to anyone - not even to themselves."

Some Kind of Hero – Suzanne Brockmann –

The actual 17thbook that I was trying to read at the beginning of the month! Which also leads me to the end (so far) of the series. Now I don’t know if she intends to keep writing about these characters, but a huge part of me wants her to keep going. I’ve honestly learned a lot about character building from these books and I think she does a phenomenal job. The storylines are consistent and thread from book to book, which is exactly what I look for in a series. I also think its very easy to get emotionally attached to these characters, they have depth and feel like someone you know personally. Highly recommend.

The Chase – By Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg –

The second in the series and the sixth book I finished this month. So I have to be honest, this wasn’t one of my favorites from Evanovich, but I didn’t hate it. I really like the main characters, I just felt like this books story line was slightly all over the place. I do intend on reading on to the next book in the series but if the next one isn’t as clear to read, I might not continue on with the series.

Wicked Business – Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton –

The second one in this series, the third series of Evanovich’s that I’m currently reading. If you were looking for an easy read that has a lot of twists and turns, this series would be for you. She keeps the storyline concise and cohesive. I’m not in love with some of the magical aspects, but I’m really falling for the relationship that Lizzy and Diesel have. There is one more book in this series; unsure if I’m going to finish this month, but I’m sure you’ll hear about it.

"Personally, I thought we were in big trouble if I was the one standing between the world's population and hell."

Only A Hero Will Do by Alanna Lucas –

I accidently started this series half way through with a book called The Good, the Band and the Scandalous by Cora Lee. I found her through this twitter thread that was discussing indie authors and promoting their books. I think it’s really interesting how someone different writes each book in the series. This is the first one, and the previous one I read was the sixth. So I don’t know how cohesive it is yet, but it’s definitely an easy read. I think they do a decent job with describing scenes, would like a little more décor since it is a Historical Romance.

Lust Killer by Ann Rule –

Ann Rule is my, hands-down, favorite true crime author. I fell in love with her Stranger Beside Me and she has held my attention ever since. I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t read this book yet. I hadn’t heard of Jerry Brudos until, like a lot of other people, I watched Mind Hunter. Another good book, it introduced us to Brudos but only in very introductory of ways. This book was his entire life and crimes including his family. The last section of the book all I could think of was poor Darcie Brudos! Trying to be a good wife and finding that your husband is nothing who you thought it was. What a nightmare.

Have any new books that I MUST read? Also if you have any blog posts of lists like this, maybe even more niche I’d love to read them. Leave your links down below or come chat with me on twitter!


February Reading List


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