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Selections of Books I read In january

January Reading List

January 29, 2019

January Books – Read

This month I had a huge, detailed TO BE READ pile that I had intended to read. See the word “intended?”  I wrote out this huge list of things I wanted to read and then I went off script. Honestly, it’s very on brand of me to do something like this. I plan and plan and buy planners and office supplies and it mostly works. But other times it’s an illusion for me to do my own thing. Which was create my own reading list.

So I read 10 books this month, including a graphic novel/comic.  That’s a pretty good pace for me compared to last year’s three books in January. The assortment is all over the place, but mostly thriller/crime/mystery.

R is for Ricochet – Sue Grafton

  • Very different compared to this series in the past. Felt like Kinsey was more of a narrator type character this time. Instead of actionary she seemed very reactionary, watching things around her unfold.

The universe keeps track of our sins and exacts devious and repugnant punishments like dates with unknown men quote by sue grafton

Twelve Sharp – Janet Evanovich

  • A fun twist on the Stephanie Plum series. Dove a little bit more into Rangers life as a whole. I would have liked to see a deeper side to her and her boyfriend though.

All Through the Night – Suzanne Brockmann

  • #12 in the series, Jules Cassidy has been in several of this series, and happens to be one of my favorite reoccurring characters. He’s tough as nails, funny and handsome to boot. I don’t think that some of the sexual orientation things should have been worded differently. It seems like a nineties approach to homosexuality.

Lean Mean Thirteen – Janet Evanovich

  • This installment in the Stephanie Plum series dove us right back into her bounty hunter ways, with a side gig from Ranger of course. I keep trying to mentally picture Ranger and it doesn’t seem to do him justice. We met back up with Dickie Orr, Stephanie’s ex-husband. This time we got to see more of her personal life with Joe.

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and State Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero

  • This was actually one of my least favorite of the self-help books that I have read this year. Not saying that it’s a bad book, I just had a hard time focusing. I kept thinking about other things, or that I had had similar thoughts/notions already to what was in the book. I think it’s a great book for someone that’s never read a self-help book. Very positive with additional side stories about the author made it unique. I have written about this book before, but I hadn’t quite finished it until this month.

Fearless Fourteen – Janet Evanovich

  • A great addition to the Stephanie Plum series. It seemed like she used this book to really had layers to characters that had been present in past books. Character development was on point. Janet Evanovich keeps you on your toes with every book she writes.

the golden years are for pussies, we went straight to brass quote by janet evanovich

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal – G. Willow Wilson

  • I don’t routinely read comics or graphic novels and that’s something I want to change. I love watching marvel movies and find them very inspiring so I thought that would be a good place to start. It’s also something that I share with my significant other, which I love that we have in common. I don’t really know how to assess them yet, but give me time.

Into the Fire – Suzanne Brockmann

  • This was probably my favorite in the Troubleshooter’s series so far. A ton of characters from previous books + some new friends that we had only heard mention of were there. I particularly liked how the storylines branched off and then came back together at the end. I love stories where you can see them diverging but you don’t know where they’re going to end up.

Dark of Night – Suzanne Brockmann

  • This was a great continuation in the series to “Into the Fire.” Suzanne doesn’t typically do that with her series but the way the previous story had left off, it was necessary. It also included a new enemy that the troubleshooters banded together to defeat. It reminded me a little of The Blacklist.

Hot Pursuit – Suzanne Brockmann

  • This series focused on Alyssa Locke and her husband Sam Starrett. It also included Izzy Zanella (one of my favorites) and Dan Gillman. They ended up being in the next book. The series have really started segue-way-ing into each other in a way that flows. It’s like she found a better groove than she had when she first started the series.

Suzanne brockmann quote

Since writing this post, I’ve read a few more books and obviously its still January! I decided that the first ten would do, and I’m hoping to end the month with a solid 14. My Goodreads goal is 100 books but this would set me up to read 160! Then 2020 could be the year for 200, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I only gave little blurbs about the books I read, or even just how they made me feel. This was intentional. I want you to read them to! Also if I dove in deeper, this post would have been way too long. As you can see, I’m in the middle of three different series. This can be a difficult juggling act, especially when I start getting sucked into one more than the others. After January I should be finished with the Troubleshooters series (sad face) so it will free up a little more time.

To Be Read

After I figure out what I want February’s TO BE READ pile looks like, I really want to ensure it includes more inspiration. What I mean by that is that the current series I’m reading isn’t the writing style or even genre that I want to write like. I want to read stories that really get the gears going in my brain. That makes my fingers itch to reach for a keyboard. I have plenty of ideas but sometimes the gumption to JUST DO IT, isn’t there.  I’m going to make 2019 different.

I’m obviously going to do this every month, but what’s your input? Should I go into detail more and just cover 5 books? Should I review every book I read? Should I make special exceptions for ones that I love? Let me know down below! Also, connect with me on Goodreads. I love meeting new people and I need some reading recommendations!

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