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Labor Day Trip

September 6, 2018

Impromptu Trip

It’s Thursday! And I have a special impromptu trip post just for you. This last weekend was Labor Day weekend, which I accidently took off from work. I hadn’t really made plans so Chris and I decided to have a day trip in Kansas City. It’s roughly three hours from his house and I had a really lovely three-hour nap. Little known fact about me, I have a really hard time sleeping. I have a sleep number bed, tons of cozy clothes/pillows and take melatonin or unisom if it gets particularly bad. But still, apparently sleep isn’t my jam. But I can fall asleep on a car ride in five minutes flat. I don’t know if it’s the motion of the car or how peaceful I perceive it sometimes but I wish I could do it every night. Ok, onto the trip!


Of course the first thing I’m going to talk about is food.  We landed around 1:00pm so of course it was lunchtime. We went to The Bite in the River Market. Grabbed a couple of sandwiches, Fresh off the Boat for me and Bay of Pigs for him. I thought the tastes were really compelling but I think mine would have been better with a different bread selection or a pita. Loved the atmosphere though. I really regret not trying the caramelized plantains. But as Chris said when I told him, there’s always next time.

I had never been to Kansas City before (okay once, but it was a work trip and we were in meetings the entire time.) So I didn’t really know what to expect. Chris kept talking about amazing street/wall art that permeates the city. As a photographer he seeks out those visuals that I may not always think about or notice. So of course the first place that we went to ended up having a big heart on the wall, which is one of my favorite symbols.

River Market

After lunch we proceeded to walk around the river market. I had never been to a farmer’s market before and this was like an UBER farmer’s market. I’d love to go back sometime when it’s a little cooler and I have more time to spend there. Peruse the floral bouquets and the vast loose tea collection that they had for sale. I think that we would have spent more time there if it hadn’t been a Sunday when everything closes a little earlier and if we hadn’t been on a mission!

The Mission

So one of the reasons we went to Kansas City was because I needed to find a dress of Chris’s brother’s wedding that is here in a few weeks. Don’t worry; we have a trip planned for right after that so I’m sure you’ll hear about it. They have a few more malls/shopping opportunities/ places that we don’t have here in Nebraska. I struggle a little bit when it comes to online shopping for dresses. I had bought one on poshmark that I thought that I would love but it ended up being too big/flowy on me. I like things a little bit more fitted, and I’m more of a muted colors kind of gal. Thanking about reselling it but that might be in poor taste.

We went to a ton of different stores; I ended up getting some sweet Marvel Vans, but sadly no dress. I got a good idea of the length, the style of dress and the color but it just wasn’t in Kansas City. Also part of the wedding is going to be outside so in Nebraska in October weather is really hit or miss, and I am probably the coldest person you know. So I realized I either needed a dress that would look good with a sweater/jacket or had longer length sleeves. Thankfully the next day I went to the outlets here in Neb and found something that will be perfect from Michael Kors. No you don’t get to see it yet, ya gotta wait a few weeks with the rest of the world.

Art Alley

This is where I probably took the most photos from the trip and my header for this post is from. (Photo cred: lostinintrospection insta) I love to watch Chris shoot photos. I know it’s something that brings him joy and lets him be creative at the same time. I’m definitely working on my photography and now I need to work on my editing skills a little bit more. I’m going to stop writing about it and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Kansas City Library

So I know that this is a random one but when Chris suggested that we go to Kansas City for the day my immediate thought was, “Can we go to the library?!” I know that that may not be high on the list of places people want to go on their day off but it ranks very high for me. Also I’m planning on making a “Literary tour” of American and this was one of the places recommended in my research. The outside of the building is painted to look like it is a bookshelf! How fun is that? Of course I got the obligatory photo out of it.

Home Bound

After we left the library we decided we had enough excitement for one day and made the trek back home. I know that we will for sure be going back to Kansas City to do more exploring when we have more time. Let me know what you love most about KC and the places that we have to visit!


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