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May Books

June 4, 2019

May Reading List

This month was HARD for me to get my reading done, which means the May reading list is on the shorter side. That sounds terrible because reading is something that literally brings me some of the most joy in my life. I think that recently work has been hard and I’ve been struggling with some seasonal depression so typically I always see a drop off in things I love doing around that time. I wish that wasn’t the case because I know reading and writing will bring me out of the funk but it’s hard to force it. 

Long Gone – Alafair Burke –

I finished this one at midnight on May 1st so I added it to the list. I’ve really grown fond of Alafair Burke. The way that she write’s women characters, their personal development, and the strength she shows through them is something rare. I enjoyed this story but I think that there was one too many side stories or one off’s in this story to keep track of. I think it mostly tied up at the end but if you weren’t paying close attention you may miss something. 

The Better Sister – Alafair Burke –

I have a lot of opinions on this book. I think that it was an interesting storyline, but I didn’t love it. First off, if I ever have a child that stupid, I’d be ashamed. Don’t lie to the cops! Don’t do it. Second, I did however enjoy the ending of the book. I think if you can get through some of the tougher parts of the story, it has a good payoff.

Most Wanted – Lisa Scottoline –

This was my first book ever read by Lisa Scottoline, and my mom had been suggesting her to me every time we talked so I gave it a go! And let me tell you what, this book was nuts from the get go. The first four chapters of this book was the main character trying to convince her husband of something and him either not paying attention or not hearing her out. I know that books and writing are supposed to invoke a feeling inside you but this drove me absolutely nuts. If it had been me I would have shaken the shit out of him.  As I continued throughout the book, it seemed as if every male in the main characters life was very combative or argumentative. It was very frustrating to read to be honest. Loved the twist at the end though. 

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen – Janet Evanovich –

Just when I don’t think Stephanie Plum can have more ridiculous storyline than the one previous – I am proved wrong. It’s amazing how none of the plots have really been the same but she’s still been able to get herself in trouble. I think the combination of wanna be mobsters + elderly community + eclectic rag tag group she surrounds herself with really keeps ya on your toes. This book specifically didn’t draw me in like the others have in the past but I also think that I’m in a little reading funk. 

Books I started and haven’t finished for this month – 

I know this sounds like an odd addition to this list but I honestly picked up and put down so many books this month. I’m not one to typically not finish a book, it’s only happened a couple of times. But this list is some that I WILL finish and you could quite possibly see them on the June list. I gave a little reasoning behind each book and why I don’t think May was the right time for each book. If you had this section, that’s okay – just skip it! 

Girl, Stop Apologizng – Rachel Hollis – 

I NEED to finish this book. Every time I sit down to read I do enjoy it, but I feel like I keep getting pulled away for some reason. I get too tired and it’s 3a.m. And I have to sleep or I’m reading it on break at work – It’s just felt like one thing or another. And I know that always happens when I’m doing something or reading something that may impact my life or my thinking in a monuments way. That may seem silly to say but I think I tend to get in my own way a lot. When it comes to writing even just a flipping short story that can happen. So I need this motivation and hopefully it’ll be the first book I read for June. 

Dare to Lead – Brené Brown –

HERE’S another book I need to read. I had just watched her special on Netflix called The Call to Courage, which immediately prompted me to purchase the book on my kindle. I also proceeded to talk about the Netflix special with several of my coworkers and my boos. But have I even got got to the fifth page? Probably not. Not because she isn’t a beautiful writer, not because I’m scared of the message inside. I have just been so flipping busy.

Niche Down – Christopher Lochhead – 

This was a fun selection from Kindle Unlimited. This is not an add but I have found some of the best self help and kids books on there. I use it mostly for the children books to get inspiration or to see the different types of illustrations. My favorite kids book on there so far is Mabel and the Sock Pirates. If you know where I can get a physical copy – Please let me know! But back to this book. So I have a lot of ideas – Blogger, writer, designer, candle maker, jewelry designer, printable and planners and the list goes on. But I’m not sure how I can do that all under the same umbrella. Heck just niche-ing down my blog was a struggle and I love reading more than life. That one should have honestly been a no-brainer. So I think that I need more education or to get comfortable with my ideas myself so I can do that. Adding it to the June list!

Committed – Elizabeth Gilbert –

I love Elizabeth Gilbert! Her Big Magic is seriously in my top five favorite books – which now that I say that I should probably write a post on that. She has this really great TedTalk that I love to rewatch because she also has a calming voice to me. That’s why I always recommend listening to Big Magic. But I don’t know why I couldn’t get into Committed right away. I started listing to the audio book but I was trying to move move move at work so I needed something a little fast pace that I can tune in and out of. I will return to this book but maybe not till July.

Children’s Books 

So I mentioned Children’s books when I was talking about Kindle Unlimited (still not an ad!) and I wanted to talk about a few that I read this month! I don’t always add them to my Goodreads tracker since they are easy little reads sometimes but I do like to remember which ones I’ve already read or which ones I’ve especially loved.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave – Jessica Hische – 

So I actually got this book for Christmas from my boyfriend. It’s so cute, the inside illustrations are amazing and it’s very motivational especially for little girls. It’s also a signed copy which is awesome but I realized that my cat personalized it as well with some kitty teeth marks on the corner. I wasn’t upset about it, just had noticed that if you have a book (the boyfriends comics are no exception) with a corner hanging out, it’s probably going to get chewed a little. I’ll make sure to avoid the in the future. This is one of those books that I’m always curious which page or pages are the authors/illustrators favorite. My personal favorite would be the Creative page. You’ll have to check it out to know what I mean. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Case of R.B.G vs. Inequality – Jonah Winter & Stacy Innerst – 

I think that this book is the beginning of a collection of strong, female power oriented books for my future children, and for myself. This one does have a few words that are a little harder but are necessary so they include a glossary of terms in the back which is brilliant. I also don’t know as much about Ruth Bader Ginsberg as I wish I did, so this was a cool insight into some things I didn’t know about her. Really didn’t know anything about her relationship with the ACLU and now I want to dive in deeper.

Maurice the Unbeastly – Amy Dixon & Karl James Mountford – 

Initially I purchased this book because the cover artwork drew me in. I love illustrated books that use the same four or five colors with tints and tones to create a comprehensive effect. This story is also incredibly adorable. Teaching children that it’s okay to be different and how to use their differences to educate others is such an important lesson. Even as an adult I find myself relearning things I’ve read in children’s books, just made on a more mature level. Its awesome. 

Haven’t Read?

Do you have a list of books that you haven’t been able to finish? Any certain reason because poor writing? And what do you do in the case? I think writing can be so subjective so I try to see it through the authors lens if its something that I’m struggling with. Here‘s some other books I’ve read this year!


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