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One Year Anniversary

July 17, 2019


Blogging – It’s had its ups and downs but I’ve been doing it (mostly consistently) for a year now!

Woo Hoo!

I’m going to take you behind the scenes on some of my photo shoots, my thought processes behind my book reviews and posts and whats next for simplymoore! Trust me – there’s a whole lot in this brain and I can’t wait to continue this journey. 

Why I Started Blogging

So this little blog has really become a labor of love. I love it – but writing it feels like giving labor. Wait, that’s not what that means? Oh. Well. You know what I mean. I initially started this blog as a lifestyle blog. That really sounded like it would be on the easier side. I would have a broader range of topics and could include more of my life into my writing. But then I realized that I don’t do a lot with my day except work and no one really wants to see my day job. So then it was back to the ol’ drawing board.

Then I thought about reading, and empowerment and travel since those seem to be things I enjoy the most. But honestly I was really just learning how to travel with my partner and with my day job that wasn’t going to be consistent content. I still like to use the photos on my instagram but I don’t think I’m going to be a travel blogger unless I start working remotely.

Behind the Scenes

So where did that leave us? Well I still attempted to do a little bit of empowerment with my 30 before 30 posts, but those just seemed like diary entries to me. A reflection on where I had been and how to use that information in my future. That’s great and all, but not necessarily the direction I wanted my blog to head, But honestly my niche should have been a no brainer. What’s the one think I like to do, rain or shine, on vacation or before bed? Read.

Book Blogging

Now maybe that wasn’t evident in what I’m trying to do here, but I still feel like even after a year I’m learning how to do this. Learning how to connect with people and write better content. Learning how to write for myself instead of writing for someone who may be reading this. The initial reason I started this blog was maybe being able to make it part of a business someday – being able to work from home or remotely and to be able to have a little bit more flexibility in my life. That hasn’t happened yet, and this idea has grown in my head to maybe being something more.


So I said I love reading but how doesn’t that compute into book blogger? When honestly if I could talk about what I’m reading, write about what I’m reading and breathe what I’m reading – I would. So why not try? I’m still learning how to give better, more fair reviews – but if I want to sprinkle them with a ton of positivity – then why not? I want to talk about all the collections, and covers, and book shelves, and authors that I love. Learning new ways to do that is something that I’m going to embark on in the second year of blogging. 

What Blogging Taught Me

This may seem like a silly headline since I haven’t been that consistent and I don’t blog about blogging but I think I’ve learned a lot in the last year. I think most of it has been about myself and my likes or dislikes. I’ve realized that if I don’t miss a post (or a few) it doesn’t make me a bad person. Life happens and being able to not beat myself up about something that I feel like I owe myself is a better gift that forcing out content that I’m not ready to make. I’ve learned to be easier on myself and to appreciate the time I get to spend with myself on this.

Picture of Woman

I’ve also learned more about writing. Writing for myself, writing for others and just writing in general. I’ve felt very stuck the last couple of years with my writing and that’s a frustrating place to be. I’ll get (what I think) are these really amazing story ideas and start fleshing it out. Then I’ll build a character and decide on what kind of voice I want my story to have. And then I’ll hit a brick wall. I think most of my road blocks are self imposed to be honest. But blogging has been a little beacon of hope in that darkness.

Blogging has helped me set aside time to specifically work on my writing. That sounds like something I should have been doing all along but when you’re in a rut, you don’t want to keep digging yourself in deeper. Which usually leads to not spending the time writing or researching or anything that could advance you further. This is what happened to me and blogging has really helped me over come it.  

Side Projects

As I mentioned in my intro paragraph there is a variety of directions I could see my blog (or offshoots of my blog) heading into. I’m currently working on a website to start my freelance copywriting business. I think that blogging may be able to serve as a portfolio for this or maybe just a place to practice.I also have a couple of courses or ebooks that I want to create but I’m trying to find a really comprehensive way to incorporate that here. Don’t worry, I will.

Another odd thing that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time (I.e. 8 years) is start an etsy shop. And I did that! Right before my birthday. I made the plunge and started some small branding things for a printables shop! Check it out – I’ve been getting some of my templates from creative market but if you have any other’s that would look great with my collection – let me know..

Etsy Shop

Next project? Obviously I’ve mentioned my writing on here a couple of times, but never what my intentions with it has been. So I published a children’s book a few years ago (don’t be harsh, it was a good lesson in self publishing) which I recently converted to Kindle! If you have kindle unlimited it’s free right now! But other than that – what’s next? So I have another children’s book with a lot more depth that I’m looking for (and may have found) an illustrator for. I’ve also started dabbling in poetry/short essays. If I start talking about this book I’m working on the whole post will go in an entirely different direction. Ever find a subject that you can talk and talk and talk about? This poetry book I’m working on is one of those things. 


Poshmark! This may not sound like a side project but I’ve invested a surprising amount of time and energy into it so I will add this to the list. I attempted to make some sales on here a few years ago and had no idea how to gain traction. But then a couple years had passed and a gal that worked for me told me that she was selling a few items a week. Now I’m not thinking this is going to make me rich, I’m mostly just using it to thin out my closet a bit. But I have really enjoyed the community as well as the different ways they have to market yourself. I think that it’s a great app and very user friendly. 

Where Next?

That sounds like a lot of cool things to begin with but what does that mean for the blog? Obviously this is still going to be a passion project for me but I am going to dial it back a little bit to save my sanity. I’m going to post every week – but only once. On Wednesdays by 8pm central time. That is a commitment that I’m going to keep to myself but also I’ve always been good with deadlines. If I create a standing timeframe – I’ll be able to keep it easier.


I also want the blog to some-how be a landing page of sorts. A place where you can find everything that I’m working on, but also you can go to those individual websites from my blog. This makes my little organized heart happy. So perhaps you’ll see some aesthetic changes coming soon. Wait and see.


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