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Recognize Your Opportunities

30 Things Before Thirty – Recognize Your Opportunities

March 21, 2019

Recognize Your Opportunities

In this 30 things before thirty post I talk about a not so fun topic, weaknesses. Now some companies that I have worked for use the word “opportunities” when it comes to weaknesses or failings, which I also believe is a nicer word and have adopted in my life. So how do you figure out your opportunities? And what opportunities am I talking about? We’ll get into it!


I have done a lot of self-reflection in my personal life, my business life and my side hustle. I can also be pretty hard on myself so sometimes I have to take my reflections with a grain of salt, but I can still build a plan around them to move forward.

Something’s I know about myself is that I’m too hard on myself, I’m overindulgent or lack self control and sometimes I let emotion in on business decisions when it’s not the smart move. These are all things that I’m still working on, but I believe that I’m moving in the right direction now that I know what these things are.

So how can you figure out your own opportunities? I think it takes some time but also figure out what frustrates you most about either interactions with other people or something that’s bugging you at work. Usually these things can help you discover where you may have an opportunity.

"If you don't have failures, you're not trying hard enough"

Don’t Get Bogged Down

So after you’ve nailed down something that you want to work on or improve about yourself, the next step is to not get down on yourself. I think it’s important to remember that we’re not perfect and that it’s okay to be working on yourself. Honestly if more people took time out to reflect on themselves, their behavior or even things they said throughout the day, the world might just be a nicer place. But until then, we can only work on ourselves.

Failure is a bruise not a tattoo

How to Work Through Them

So this isn’t going to be a treasure map or master class in prevailing over our shortcomings. This is just me, speaking from my own personal experience.  I think the next step in working on yourself.

Something that is an opportunity for me is that I need to listen to other people more. Not as in being given advice but as in finding out what others know so that I can train them on things they may not know. Paying closer attention to what they are telling me so that we can learn from each other. I’ve heard the phrase “get curious” several times; but that is something that I am still struggling with but improve on everyday. When something needs to be done instead of telling them how to do it, I ask them how they would do it, or how they think it should be done.

This is going to be a work in progress since sometimes I think that I can be a no it all, especially at work. I want to do everyone’s job for them since I know how to do it but that’s not the best way for them to learn. I’m doing them a disservice by doing that. So I remind myself during every interaction that it needs to be a moment of training both for me and for them.


This is a bit of a shorter post. Work has been really tough lately and my focus hasn’t been very clear at home. I took a week and a half hiatus but I really want to refocus on my writing and start my free lancing business. I may end up doing a rebranding by the end of 2019 but want to have a clear vision so that I don’t change my mind later on. If you have any advice or know a really great graphic design it looks like I’m in the market for one. Thanks guys!


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