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My [Semi] Organized Life

June 6, 2018


So before I created this blog, I was feeling very aimless, and also very half-assed. Most of the projects I have currently in the works are just that. Semi- started novels or outlines, intermediate designs in illustrator with high hopes but low design quality.  I was feeling incredibly low and untalented unless you consider my corporate job where I excel at putting policies and procedures in place for someone else’s ideas. So how was I going to remedy this? I was tired of working for someone else, and in turn leaving segments of my life carrying out someone else’s dreams. So what are my dreams? What are my actual goals that instead of wasting my time on someone else’s? And what does having an organized life have to do with that? Let me explain my thought process.


Find Your Why

Simon Sinek is an incredibly popular motivational speaker and author of Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for you and Your Team.  I found him through a team-building workshop that I attended earlier this year. The segment that he is most popular for is teaching others to find their why. While thinking about my dreams and the prospects for this blog is how in turn I created my why. “To inspire people in creative ways, so that they can live organized and fulfilled lives.”

[Yes, yes I know this video is from 2009, but it is still valuable information today]

So what does any of this mean? And how am I going to use my blog to help others? Besides designing, writing and reading, I found that I love organizing. I also am a book-aholic so please give me any book recommendations, you can find my goodreads account right –>

[ Little backstory here. ]

Growing up I wouldn’t say I was the most popular of kids. I was known and liked by many, but no one was inviting me out to the mall on weekends besides my cousin. So what did I do to keep myself busy. I organized.I would spend the evening cleaning out a closet, a drawer or a bookshelf. Yes, I would have the t.v. going in the back ground and some weekends I would rearrange my entire room but I was also finding things I had lost or I had forgotten about.  It was borderline obsessive.

I have a little more of a life now. (haha) But I still love being organized. I’ve moved several times in the last few years which has kept my life in upheaval but its also prevented me from collecting too much clutter.  Every time I move, I’m able to re-alphabetize my library or my dvd collection. I’m able to re-color coordinate my closet and able to do a deep clean of my dresser. Always looking at that positive side.

Though this is a passion bordering on obsession, it isn’t without its faults. Some weeks, I do become disorganized. I know when I’ve had a particularly hard week at work or have been working some funky hours because my dishes will start to pile up. When the dishes start to pile up or the laundry doesn’t always make it to the laundry basket, it completely affects the creative side of me. I can’t always make myself focus but then I lose sight of what isn’t making me focus. I’ll waste time on facebook or youtube in order to try to get my mojo back. I can almost guarantee that I’m not the only one that experiences what I call my “misdirected creative energy.” So how am I going to ensure that I either: a) can focus my energy where I want it or b) have time to complete those tedious tasks to get to the good stuff?

Moving Forward

Besides being physically organized I love planners. I love to plan my day out to within an inch of its life. Thankfully I’m also good at rolling with the punches and have a high versatility level so that if things don’t go according to plan, I don’t get too bogged down by it. Don’t worry I do have some tricks that I use to help you with that too.

My intention is to help others by giving you tools to make your life more organized, tips to stay focused, and what to do when things don’t go according to plan. Also you’ll be blessed with other parts of my life, my business goals/focus, sneak peaks at my fiction writing, and my design growth. I love the idea of a niche blog but if I were not able to put my heart and life into it too, then it would be another one of my half-assed projects. So I’m hoping that my lifestyle/semi niche/ here’s a bunch of pictures of my cats blog is something you’ll enjoy.


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