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Why You Don’t Have to Do it All

September 18, 2018 cassie 4 min read

Why You Don’t Have to do it All. Contrary to the title of this post, I am currently trying TO DO IT ALL. I’m in the process of burning out, I can feel it. I’m really trying not to, especially since Chris and I are taking another trip soon. I love our road trips but they aren’t exactly relaxing the entire time, but I still want to be able to enjoy it and not feel burnt out after that either. So why…

30 Things I Learned Before Thirty – Stubbornness

September 13, 2018 cassie 4 min read

30 Things I Learned Before Thirty I’ve decided to start a new series of blog posts based on thing I’ve learned on my short time on Earth. I turn thirty (holy guacamole) in about 9 months and I keep finding tidbits that I’ve either learned recently or things I wish I would have learned sooner. It’d probably safe to say that most of these things are pretty specific to me, or at least the examples are. I hope to maybe impart something…

Labor Day Trip

September 6, 2018 cassie 4 min read

Impromptu Trip It’s Thursday! And I have a special impromptu trip post just for you. This last weekend was Labor Day weekend, which I accidently took off from work. I hadn’t really made plans so Chris and I decided to have a day trip in Kansas City. It’s roughly three hours from his house and I had a really lovely three-hour nap. Little known fact about me, I have a really hard time sleeping. I have a sleep number bed, tons of…

Coming Clean

September 5, 2018 cassie 10 min read

Prologue – This story is one I wrote maybe five years ago. I used it as an assignment for a creative writing class and used it on a blog before that I no longer use. I’m posting it so that you (and I) can see my progress. Not only in my fiction but in my writing overall. Be a kind critic because I have already grown so much. Coming Clean Waking up to the sun shining warmly on your face is quite…

Moving Forward

September 4, 2018 cassie 5 min read

Commuting In the last few days my responsibilities at work have changed (for the better) but it has also increased my commute time on certain days. Usually my commute is around 10-15 minutes, but now I’m driving roughly 45-60 minutes into work. This isn’t to complain but to give you a little backstory. Sunday evening I was driving home on the interstate at around 10:15pm. I’m not a huge fan of night driving and it was made even worse by the lightening…

Inspiration Post – Stop Lying to Yourself

August 23, 2018 cassie 5 min read

Lying So I think that I’ve been very honest and vulnerable in many of my blog posts already, but this one might be the scariest one yet. This post is about a book, a podcast, an inspiring woman, and the lies that we tell ourselves. I find myself lying to myself at least once a day. So what does that look like? “oh, you won’t be too tired after work. Oh, stay up a little later and get that done cause you’re…

Fascination Post – True Crime

August 21, 2018 cassie 4 min read

True Crime Aficionado “We’re not in Wonderland anymore Alice.” – Charles Manson When I created this blog I had decided at the beginning that it was going to be one thing, a Lifestyle blog. That clearly has changed and morphed into something else, mostly because my lifestyle is a wee bit boring. But instead of letting my stubbornness get in the way (like it has in most things in my life) I’ve decided to let it evolve and mold it into whatever…

Inspiration Post – Motivating Yourself

August 16, 2018 cassie 5 min read

Inspiration Posts These posts (inspiring, motivating, fascinating) have slowly but surely become my favorite posts to write and publish.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about go here and here! That led me to realize that if they are my favorite to write, then why don’t I write more of them, instead of brainstorming and trudging through something I’m skeptical on. So instead of once a month, I’m going to make this an every week type of thing. Right now I’m…

More Travel

August 9, 2018 cassie 5 min read

This post has been a little delayed but July was a little busy with getting ready for one of our peak seasons at work (Back to School.) SO without further ado… MY BIRTHDAY TRIP POST. Birthday Trip So where do you think we went? Some place warm with palm trees and sandy beaches? I can just picture myself on one with a good book (or three) and some raspberry iced tea in my hand.  If that’s the image you have then you…

Reflections and Resolutions

July 26, 2018 cassie 4 min read

But it’s not January . . . I know, I know, having a resolutions post in late July probably sounds crazy! But bear with me, this post may seem a bit more personal/ serious than maybe even I thought I’d write as a blog post. I’ve really been in my own headspace lately though so instead of a well planned out post that I wrote three months ago, I’ve decided to switch things up and write from the heart. So here goes….