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Writing – My Arch Nemesis

July 19, 2018 cassie 5 min read

Writing – My Arch Nemesis Okay, Okay that’s a bit dramatic. Clearly I love to write otherwise I wouldn’t be keeping a blog. It’s actually my passion, to write about literally anything. I currently have 5 novels, 1 novella, and 6 kids books started on my computer. But there in lies the problem. They’re all started, but nothing has progressed further than that. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. How did I get started writing? And how am I going to…

Special Posts – Girl Power Motivation

July 16, 2018 cassie 4 min read

Foreword So clearly consistency isn’t my strong suit. Ironically at work I have three words that I try to really focus on so that I don’t get too overwhelmed with how much we actually have to do. This year my words are: POSITIVITY. CONSISTENCY. DEVELOPMENT. Right now we’re one out of three. (I’m going to let you figure out which one that is.) I am not going to make any promises of getting better at blogging every week, as to not let…

Step Inside My Closet

July 5, 2018 cassie 4 min read

Clothing.. Addiction Lately I have been trudging through organizing my closet. I usually keep it organized by color in Roy G. Biv style as well as by sleeve length, shortest to longest. This probably seems extreme + a lot of work. Which, it is. So instead I’ve been trying to condense my closet. That being said, I. Love. Clothes. I love doing laundry, I love trying my own clothes on, and I love the feeling of finding a new way or style…

Special Posts – Inspiration and Empowerment

June 16, 2018 cassie 3 min read

Saturday? So here I am, on a Saturday, Surprise! I started my blog this month with the intention of blogging twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. So why am I here on a Saturday? Well two reasons. # 1 it’s my Birthday today! I turn the big TWENTY NINE. I know,its crazy. I don’t feel that old on multiple levels. In my opinion I still have a pretty immature humor sometimes and I also feel like I haven’t accomplished enough for…

[Some of] My Favorite Books

June 12, 2018 cassie 5 min read

These are a few of my favorite… books! I don’t know if you’ve seen my Pinterest but I am a huge BOOK NERD.  I have an incredibly high Goodreads reading goal  that I’m only going to accomplish thanks to my ebooks, audio books and the multitude of kid’s books that I seek out for inspiration. Something that I want to start doing besides just reading, is reviewing books for other potential readers. I’ve read a couple of articles on best practices with…

2018 – Year of Overcoming My Fears

June 8, 2018 cassie 5 min read

Anxious Adventure So as an anxious, homebody, sometimes hypochondriac in general nervous nelly, I encourage myself to stay in my own bubble of assumed safety. That means that if I have a bad feeling about something that may be out of the norm for me or something new, then I don’t do it. This is a thing I’m working on. You could say I’m overcoming these fears. How am I working on this, you may ask? Self – Analysis Well let me…

My [Semi] Organized Life

June 6, 2018 cassie 4 min read

Blogging So before I created this blog, I was feeling very aimless, and also very half-assed. Most of the projects I have currently in the works are just that. Semi- started novels or outlines, intermediate designs in illustrator with high hopes but low design quality.  I was feeling incredibly low and untalented unless you consider my corporate job where I excel at putting policies and procedures in place for someone else’s ideas. So how was I going to remedy this? I was…