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September Book Haul

September 17, 2019

September Book Haul

Book Haul Time! Not going to be too many of these but I thought I’d highlight some books I purchased recently. Not to say that I’m putting myself on a book ban but, I’m trying not to buy too many books, at least physical because our apartment is teeny tiny. When we have a house – there will be no stopping me! But until then, a mix of physical and ebooks it is. So this haul will be a combination of both! I got most of them at Target but sometimes you see a book that you know you’d be more apt to read on your phone in the middle of the night, snug in bed. I sometimes will see a book in person and buy it on my phone instead – anyone else do this? Or is it weird? Oh well, back to the Book Haul Post!

Not Your (My) Typical Book Haul

I say that because what I’ve been reading lately has been geared towards the crime/thriller even borderline humor. This haul has a little bit of a different vibe. No fiction books which I tend to lean towards, and throwing in poetry which is something I haven’t read in a very long time.  I think when I start writing more I read stories/novels similar to what I write. In this case I’m working on a poetry/short essay book and all of these books have this in common: either their poetry or their nonfiction. So get inspired or let me know which one is your favorite if you’ve read them already.

Poetry – 

she just wants to forget  – r.h. Sin – 

I chose this book because recently I’ve been exploring poetry a little bit more. I second guess my writing and wish I didn’t but I love to read books similar or to inspire that creative part of my brain. This may sound weird but the size and texture of the cover also convinced me to purchase it. The texture of the cover is almost like drawing or watercolor paper. I remember seeing it when shopping for art supplies for a couple of drawing classes I took in college. It’s not something I enjoy doing so I haven’t put much practice behind it. (I.e. Trust me you don’t want any samples haha.) The size is roughly 5X7 so a little bit smaller than some of the books on my shelves. 

I also have seen this author before, but never have read any of his work before. At least consciously. I think I’ve seen some of his quotes on instagram or pinterest and found them inspiring. My favorite poem in the book so far (I say this because I haven’t read through the whole thing, only breezed the pages.) is on page 69. Check it out.

The She Book – Tanya Markul – 

This book caught my eye for a couple of reasons. The simplistic cover design, the smooth feel of the paper and the black and bright white color scheme. And the word She seems to be a theme here as well. I think that while I’ve been working on my poems I was thinking: “this isn’t enough words, the poems aren’t long enough, not enough content here to market, blah blah blah.” I hate the “not enough” feeling but this book helped to ease some of that insecurity. Some of the poems are longer but the simplicity makes me feel not alone in my writing. I haven’t read this book yet, and maybe this first assumption could be entirely incorrect but thats exactly what it is, an assumption. 

2AM Thoughts – Makenzie Campbell – 

Similar to the last book, the cover is black and white!  But this one mixes it up with doodles, time stamps on the poems and the sense of being inside someone’s mind. I have a tendency to get inside my own mind, especially in the wee hours of the night/morning and I feel like this book is going to get me. I would say it’s also an inspiration to try something similar. Try to come up with a story idea or timeline that has timestamps similar to this one. I love to try new ideas like this. 

The Mermaid’s Voice Returns in this One – Amanda Lovelace – 

I have already read “The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One” by Amanda Lovelace so picking up this book seemed like a no-brainer. Her poems are so poignant about women, can almost move you to tears. There’s also a sense of knowing when you read them, that you are not alone in feeling a certain way. Even if the circumstances may be different, someone else is feeling what you are feeling and that is such a powerful tool to wield through poetry. I aspire to make someone feel this way through my writing.

Non-Fiction – 

Stay Sexy & Don’t get Murdered – Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark – 

Besides listening to Serial when it came out, My Favorite Murder was one of the first podcasts that I had started listening to. I love it at first! Two women talking about true crime and making each other laugh over silly things. It made me realize that I wasn’t the only one in the world that was fascinated by more of the macabre things in life. Thought them I was introduced to another podcast, The Last Podcast on the Left, which opened up a whole new world to me that I eventually made real life friends through.

I say “loved it at first” because I quickly realized that they were not as factual as I really wish they were. And that’s okay for them to not be! I just started to listen to other podcasts over them. But I still have a connection to them and to these ladies. I want to read their books, follow their success because they are awesome people that made me realize I wasn’t alone. That is such important information in such a social media ridden world. 

Becoming – Michelle Obama –

I have heard people raving about this book! I tried to start it in the audiobook form but couldn’t get into it. So instead I purchased it at the same time as this but in ebook form. Thanks “Great on Kindle”! The feedback that I’m hearing is that this is an inspirational book about Mrs. Obama’s journey to where she is today. I love to read inspirational books but also I thought that she was always a classy woman and someone to look up to.  

I will admit that buying this book was more of a “I should buy this” instead of a “I want to buy this” type of situation. I think it’ll be really interesting to learn more about her since I will be honest, I just haven’t taken the time to do so. 

Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility – Patty McCord – 

I learned about this book through a podcast – The Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis. I believe I’ve mentioned her before, and will probably again so look her up! From what she said it’s by the Chief Talent Officer of Netflix and gives great advice on talent management. I’ve been focusing on this aspect in my current career and hope to learn something from this book. 


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