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Special Posts – Inspiration and Empowerment

June 16, 2018


So here I am, on a Saturday, Surprise! I started my blog this month with the intention of blogging twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. So why am I here on a Saturday? Well two reasons. # 1 it’s my Birthday today! I turn the big TWENTY NINE. I know,its crazy. I don’t feel that old on multiple levels. In my opinion I still have a pretty immature humor sometimes and I also feel like I haven’t accomplished enough for a twenty-nine year old. I know that sounds silly and maybe a little insecure (which it is) but I know I have one million goals/dreams/aspirations and I want to press the fast forward button.  But as you’ll see in my next post. Living in the moment is incredibly important. So what’s my birthday gift to you? INSPIRATION!

#2 16 is actually my favorite number, so I’m using the 16thof each month in order to branch out and do a special post. I don’t want to narrow it down to one thing but I think that whatever is inspiring me that month or in that moment is what you may see. I read a lot, obviously (link to favorite book posts) but I also listen to a ton of podcasts, Tedtalks, YouTube videos and follow tons of inspiring people on social media. I’d like to use my platform to relate what I’ve either learned or molded to fit my life, to you guys.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned what my day job is on my blog yet, but I am a retail store manager. That means that I’m currently the boss of 30+ associates (60+ during Holiday/Back to School) and must drive results in multiple ways. Doing that on top of writing a blog and starting my own businesses, I’m constantly on the look out for inspiration/motivation/tips for success.  I especially love books or posts by women entrepreneurs because they help me feel as if I’m walking in their previously worn footsteps sometimes.


The first inspiration post is about this book that I recently found through a podcast. It’s called “Badass Your Brand” by Pia Sillva. (Link to book here) I signed up for Kindle Unlimited (a well worth it expense) and it happened to fall into that category so that I can check it out as long as I have the subscription.  I honestly wasn’t drawn to the book in a “I want to brand myself” type of way, but more from the “this woman is intense and I like the way her mind works” kind of way. In the book she gives examples of companies that her company has had a hand in branding and the ways that she wants business owners to open their mind to the possibilities that they have. Looking outside the box and encouraging others to do so. inspiration

Badass Your Brand

Take Aways

My biggest take away that I’m bringing back to my store is her mentality around selling and the types of works there are. The difference between service providers and experts and the way they perform. I want all my associates to be perceived as experts, whether its about the product that we are selling itself, or in the way we would style it, to even giving them knowledgeable insight about our company and its offerings. Breaking it down like this to my associates has already helped me break down some walls or barriers that I may have had with their aversion to any additional training they may have.


I’ll let you know if I see any improvement with this method, I adore my associates immensely, that being said most of them are college age kids that have focuses elsewhere. I’d like to be able to hone their focus for the few hours that I have them a day. If you guys have any tips for me please leave a comment! Also where do you draw your inspiration? Do you have a special site, a podcast or a book that you want to share with the world? Link it down below!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the second installment of my inspiration posts here

–> Girl Power!




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