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30 Things Before Thirty – Stress Ruling Your Life

December 4, 2018

Hey There!

So I started this series thinking that I would be a little bit more on track with my blogging. I haven’t been as organized or planned out my posts as well as I probably should have. In all transparency, I thought that blogging would be easier than it has been. I thought that I would use this as a diary or spill out every topic that came into my mind. Then I picked a niche that I honestly wasn’t as interested in as I expected to be.  Right now I’m a mash of wannabe travel/book/inspiration blogger. And I’m totally okay with this mess. I think I’m learning something new everyday when it comes to blogging, writing and myself. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching me grow and I promise to continue to do so.


Back to the 30 Before Thirty post I have planned. Stress. We all have it or experience it in one-way or another. I think that talking about stress and stress management is pertinent around the holidays. It’s not the most joyful of topics but its when we have the most going on, when our stress gets more compounded than other times of the year. But why is that? Why do we focus on what others are thinking or doing during this time? Why do we over analyze gifts or overspend for others?

I think that it has a lot to do with our perspective. How we view the world and how we want to be viewed by others. And the holidays are a very flashy, bright lights and big bows time of year. So how do you overcome it? And can it be overcome? I think that a small amount of stress is healthy but I do think that it can be managed.

Quote "Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts." Buddha

Not an Expert

Trust me, I am not an expert on this. But I have had my share of stress and anxiety in my life. When I was in my early twenties it was a lot more powerful and suffocating than it is currently. I would have full-blown panic attacks and make myself physically ill from it. I think what irks me now is that I was having panic attacks over things that I feel are so miniscule now. Money troubles that always worked themselves out. Other peoples thoughts that I shouldn’t have wasted my time on. Work problems that I knew I could overcome; they just needed to be muscled through.

I’m not relaying this to be hard on myself, but just to clarify that now that I’ve had a few years more of life, that my perspective has changed. Yes, I still have money troubles that I have to budget for. I still care to a degree what people think, but its more of a “I wonder what they’re thinking..” type of thought process. And now work has become so much less stressful when I realize that all you need is a plan. If something is going haywire or is a 911 then just put a plan into place to fix it.

Quote "Nobody Realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." Albert Camus


I know I’m simplifying a lot of this, but I think that’s necessary to move through the stress. Making your problem seem smaller in your mind and developing a plan to move past or through it. These are steps that I take in order to have a relatively stress-free life. At work we call them controllables. We have some things that happen to impact our business that we can’t control i.e. weather or traffic. Some uncontrollables in your life could be unexpected expenses or another persons reaction that was uncalled for. These things can stress you out but putting a plan in place, such as budgeting or creating a payment plan or writing out what you’re going to say to calm someone down can really help. Not just help moving past the stress but also giving you back your piece of mind.


I think that meditation can cure an assortment of what ails us but especially for stress management. It can help you clear your mind to just focus on the problem at hand. That clarifying effect will help you develop a rational plan to overcome what you’re worried about.

"Give your stress wings and let it fly away." Terri Guillemets


Now let me remind you that I am 100% speaking from my own experience. I’m not the type of person to tell you to “just get over it” or that “it’s all in your head.” I think that anxiety is a real thing, but I also think that it stole precious years from my life. I just wish to pass on information that I think could help others save some time and not worry their life away.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to handle stress. Even though I plan and meditate I still have some stress or anxiety that rears its ugly head. Have any tips or tricks to get yourself out of your own head? Leave a link below for a blog post or article to help others succeed at this.


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