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The One Resolution Year

December 11, 2018

The One Resolution Year

Resolutions, more specifically New Year’s resolutions are a traditional means of accomplishing one’s goals. Finishing your list can feel so rewarding, but it can also be a bit overwhelming at the same time. We already put a lot of pressure on ourselves, what with work, home, and personal life tasks. Adding an entire list of resolutions doesn’t seem like the most enjoyable or practical of experiences. How can you focus on so many goals in such a short amount of time? But what if you only chose one resolution?

Quote "Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement has passed." Cavette Robert

Resolution Lists

I used to do a list of ten resolutions every year. I’d write them out and decorate the page and hang it up on my message board. After that I would see it everyday at first and then further on in the year it just became something on my wall. I’d have completed one or two, if that, of them but never the entire list of ten. Then when December would come I would berate myself or be disappointed that I didn’t accomplish anything! (how dramatic.)

So instead, last year I tried something different. No huge list of things to accomplish, only one main goal for the entire year. I don’t really know how I thought of it but I think my purpose was to focus all my energy into completing that one task. And what was that task?

2018: This year I will travel more.

Not, I want to travel more. Using the more definitive wording helped as well. It was a mission statement instead of a wish. Now did I have any plans to go somewhere? Did I have a dream place to travel to? No, I didn’t. I think that meeting Chris was defiantly a gateway to helping my resolution though. He had traveled on the cheap and he knew beautiful places in which to take me.  So in hindsight having a plan would have been an even better way to influence my resolution.

If you haven’t read my blog before, you’ll be happy to find out that I DID COMPLETE my resolution! We went to 16 more states this year than I had ever been to in my entire life. Being able to actually map out my Paid Time Off at work like an actual adult instead of being like, I guess I’ll take it whenever.

Here is a little photo dump of some of our travels:

Camp Life Decal on the back of a car.

White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Rocky Mountain in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain in Colorado

Monument Valley in Arizona

Ocean View in Bar Harbor Maine

Why did/ do I want to travel more and how did this become my one resolution? I am constantly and consistently putting work above everything else. Above my side hustle, above my family and above my self care. I know this isn’t healthy and I am 100% working on this, so I wanted to choose something that would take me away from that realm. I’ve mostly stuck to the Midwest besides a Disney trip to Florida in Elementary school and a College credit trip to California. Four trips later and another one planned in 2019 and I am so pleased that I was able to stick to this resolution.

Haven’t read any of my travel posts? You can find them here, here and here!

So what does 2019 hold? Have I already created my resolution?


This year I decided to really focus on my writing. It’s what I want my endgame to be, its how I want to make my bread and butter. So why haven’t I made it priority #1? I think I keep putting it on the back burner because its not my bread and butter yet. Which is very backwards thinking if I do say so.

So 2019 is going to be the year of the short story. Instead of saying “I want to write more,” I am putting a plan in place. Twelve months in the year = twelve short stories. Am I going to promise they are going to be top-notch best quality stories? No. What I am going to promise is that they will be completed stories; that I will focus on my craft every single month and have a finished product. Every. Single. Month. How exciting does that sound?


I think diving even deeper into my plan can help you see how I’m going to accomplish this. Thankfully I already have a few stories started to get my juices flowing. But here is a quick outline of how I’m planning my months.

Week 1: Brainstorm, research, outline.

Week 2: Additional research, begin rough draft.

Week 3: Complete rough draft, edit.

Week 4:  Final Edits, Final Product.

Notebook on wood desk

I know that sounds like a whirlwind of writing and pressure but I know my methods and myself. This will ensure completion.  I’m also planning on posting them here on my blog! Unless on the off chance one of them meets a contest submission. So send me good vibes for that one.

Do you make a list of resolutions? And do you usually stick to them/ complete all of them? If so, WAY TO GO! If not, I urge you to try the one resolution year. Leave a comment below with what you hope 2019 brings to you!


Quote: "Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right." Oprah Winfrey


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