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Fascination Post – True Crime

August 21, 2018

True Crime Aficionado

We’re not in Wonderland anymore Alice.” – Charles Manson

When I created this blog I had decided at the beginning that it was going to be one thing, a Lifestyle blog. That clearly has changed and morphed into something else, mostly because my lifestyle is a wee bit boring. But instead of letting my stubbornness get in the way (like it has in most things in my life) I’ve decided to let it evolve and mold it into whatever it decides to be. That’s why I’m feeling a little comfortable letting my freak flag fly. So I’m going to let you in on one of my passions/fascinations: True Crime.

Now I’m not referring to those talking head shows like Nancy Grace or almost any of them on HLN, even though there is nothing wrong with that. No, I got my true crime start with the written word, I.E. books. Yes, yes it’s very clear to see that I am a book nerd through and through so it shouldn’t surprise you that is where I fell in love. But it wasn’t immediate. At first I grabbed a book that I thought was a mystery

Mystery Novels

I have had a love affair with mystery novels since I was a little girl. My mom bought me dozens and dozens of Nancy Drew books but what really enticed me was The Boxcar Children books. I have a feeling it was because of my love for mystery mixed with my love for home décor. I know that sounds crazy but the way they would describe the furnishing of the boxcar or the different ways they spruced it up always really drew me in.

Then in middle-high school I started reading Mary Higgins Clark. My mom was an avid reader of hers and thought it was so wonderful that I had a similar passion to her. Then life got in the way. During the back half of high school and most of college I stopped reading for fun. I’d just read my schoolbooks or dumb things on the Internet instead of one of my absolute passions. I find whenever I’m becoming depressed in my life that this is an indicator for me. I stop reading, stop listening to music/podcasts/books and stop even watching movies. College was when my depression came to a head. I got help, and thankfully, started reading again.

First True Crime Book?

I think that when you find your first true crime book, then that story or crime becomes the one that’s most important or fascinating to you. For me it was Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi. Therefore I probably know more information about that crime than any others that I’ve read about. I’ve sought out other books and documentaries about Charles Manson, but I’ll probably dedicate a separate post about him. I just think it’s another fascinating aspect to the true crime community, adopting these stories as our own.

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Making Friends is Hard, so Bond Over Murder!

I never thought in a million years that true crime would help me make friends. I actually thought that the opposite of that might be true. I’m always the weird girl who knows random facts, most of them having to do with murder. But then I found a podcast and their welcoming community. This encouraged me to join some of the Facebook pages and spin off pages that were dedicated to them. One of them happened to be a dating site (pre-Chris era.) I clearly didn’t fall in love on there but I ended up making a boatload of friends. I was able to go to a live show with some of them and then a few months later went to one of the couple’s weddings. All because of a True Crime podcast.

I also mention this because they are an eclectic group of individuals that also have the true crime stories that they think of as there own. For example my friend Shelby is enthralled by Jeffery Dahmer and his case. Everyone has a story that they grab onto. I think its because there’s something different about those cases that our brains just can’t work themselves around.

How Does this Fascination Inspire my Life?

So besides entertainment or knowledge with books and blogs and blah blah blah I’d like to use true crime as an inspiration for my own writing. I know that may sound silly coming from a children’s book author but that’s not all that I want to me. I love mystery/ thrillers and so that is what I try to write in novel form. I’ve mentioned before overthinking when it comes to blogging so I guess you can imagine what I’m like with a novel. Don’t worry. I’m never giving up.

I have a few stories from awhile ago that I might edit and dress up a bit and post here. I got some pretty awesome feed back from twitter that ya’ll might be interested in reading some of it. If not, ya’ll can skip those days. Let me know if there’s a specific crime or sect of true crime that you find compelling as well. I’m always in the mood to do some detective work behind my computer.



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